Dissemination and Consortium Meeting
Tallinn Meeting: On 16-17 June 2013, a dissemination and consortium meeting took place in Tallinn University of Technology. The purpose was to explore and get a better understanding of Quality Assurance procedures and standards in Estonia through the participation and intervention of several experts in the field and see what the commonalities with the other European countries are and how this experience can benefit the Jordanian Higher Education system. In addition, the EQuAM project’s objectives and first outcomes were presented during the pre-congress meeting of the 57th congress of the European Organization for Quality to which international experts on Quality Assurance were participating. This gave an important dissemination opportunity and multiplier effect to the project. To find out more about this conference and on the pre-congress and congress agendas please visit the following website: Pre-congress programme: http://www.quality2013.eu/en/pre-congress-program Congress programme: http://www.quality2013.eu/en/program2