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Upcoming Events

Survey of Current Situation on QA in Jordan
A survey is currently being conducted to investigate the current situation of QA management in universities in Jordan.  The target group of the survey will be the QA bureaus in these universities, experts and professors and key administrative staff.  The survey will be produced in paper and online forms. EU partners will give support to Jordanian partner universities. HEAC will draft this report together with HU and in coordination with Sapienza and Tallinn together with all Jordanian universities.
Roundabout on European QA Management
A 2-day roundtable will be held in Brussels in the period 18-19 April 2013 in order to discuss the current practices on management of QA in Europe at both internal (university or institutional level) and external (national and regional). Management models will be analysed to gain a deeper insight into the various management procedures followed by EU QA agencies and universities. The roundtable will be coordinated by ENQA and attended by all EU and Jordanian partner institutions.
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Latest News

  • 5.2 Training Session on Setting Up of QABs, Mutah University, Jordan, 21 January 201621/01/2016

    This meeting was held at the premises of the University of Mutah in Amman. It could not be held in Kerak due to important storm which prevented from a safe travel to the venue. The Mutah university President welcomed the participants and ensured its involvement in making the EQuAM project ‘s results fully implemented in its institution. This meeting gave the opportunity to Jordanian partners to share their experience, challenges, and best practices in setting up their Quality Assurance Bureaus. It was a very successful meeting as all participants could openly discuss and exchange view and noted that this kind of opportunity should be repeated. HEAC representative could get a better understanding of the needs and expectations of JO universities with regards to their internal management of QA and their understanding of the external accreditation processes.
  • 6.4 Final Dissemination Conference, PSUT, Jordan, 20 January 201620/01/2016

    The Final Conference was held at the Princess Sumaya University of Technology (PSUT) in Amman, Jordan. It counted with a very large audience not only from the Jordanian consortium partner but also from universities who were not part of the project. Senior manager from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Higher Education Accreditation Commission, and the Association of Arab Universities were present. The Jordanian consortium members were given the opportunity to present the impact and concrete outcomes the EQuAM project brought to their institution, while the European representatives gave a complete overview of the achievements and importance of this project in strengthening at the academic and political level the already existing ties between Jordan and the European Higher Education Institution and governmental and non-governmental Agencies.
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