Sapienza Universita' di Roma, Italy
Sapienza-Università di Roma is Rome’s first university and among the oldest in Europe, founded in 1303. With its 11 faculties and 67 departments, it has established a reputation as an internationally recognized centre for teaching and research, now counting more than 145,000 students, 4,500 professors and  approx. 5,000 members of the administrative and technical staff. Sapienza is involved in an extensive range of international cooperation projects and actions and has developed sound operational and management experience. It has widely participated in the TEMPUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS programmes as well as in other EU funded projects in all fields of activity (research, culture, cooperation, etc.). Sapienza also signed over 300 bilateral agreements for cultural and scientific cooperation and is actively participating in the Framework Programmes 4/5/6/7 (Networks of Excellence, Integrated Programmes, Specific Targeted Research Projects and Specific Support Actions).
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Massimo Tronci
​Massimo Tronci is resident of Team Qualità Sapienza (Team responsible for the Self Assessment of all degree and master courses in the University); Past Vice President of the “Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità (AICQ)” - the Italian representative in the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the National Partner Organization of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM); Vice President of the “Associazione Centro Insulare per la Qualità (AICQ-CI)”. He is a licensed trainer for the EFQM Courses “Self-Assessment” and “EFQM Excellence Assessor”, validator for the Committed to Excellence and assessor for the Recognized for Excellence of EFQM.
​​Antonella Cammisa
Mrs.  Antonella Cammisa is head of IRO Office since 2001, former director of Italian Socrates National Agency, member of the Italian Bologna Experts Team.  Mrs. Cammisa will supervise the overall participation of Sapienza to the project, by managing the necessary human resources devoted to its implementation.
Graziella Gaglione
​Mrs. Graziella Gaglione is an IRO Officer at Sapienza since 2009 and has been  in charge for the management of international students’ mobility projects. She is former responsible for commercial area, EU and special projects and for MENA countries and Balkan Area at the Rome Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Gaglione will coordinate the activities of the project with regard to Sapienza’s tasks. She will cope with the administrative tasks related to the project.