Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Jordan
MoHE assumes the responsibility of supervising and having control over public and private higher education institutions, in addition to promoting the level of higher education in order to align and keep pace with developments witnessed by higher education sector in the world, humanitarian and environmental needs as well as expectations as a whole. The Ministry worked on developing several international programs aiming at supporting its work as well as the sector as a whole. Given the developments that took place in the sector of higher education in Jordan, laws and regulations that govern the work of the sector required a reconsideration in order to maintain the quality of higher education outputs and supporting universities autonomy. In the area of developing the institutional performance, the Ministry is recently working on restudying its strategic plan and developing it and building the organizational structure.
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Mustafa Al Adwan
​Professor Mustafa Al Adwan has been Dean of Al Quds College since August 2006. An educationalist by profession, Dr. Al Adwan was the Head of the Accreditation Division from 1989-1991, and the head of the Examination Division at the Ministry of Higher Education from 1991 through 1993. Dr. Mustafa also held the position of Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of Jordan in Baghdad. He spent 18 years of his career in various prominent governmental positions, most recent of which was a Counsellor at the Parliament of Jordan. AL Adwan earned a Fulbright fellowship from the American University of Washington DC in 1994. He wrote and edited a number of books and articles on political development, democracy, Jordan’s foreign policy, and human rights.