European Association Quality Assurance in Higher Education
The European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education was established in 2000 to promote European co-operation in the field of quality assurance. In November 2004 the General Assembly transformed the Network into the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). The idea for the association originates from the European Pilot Project for Evaluating Quality in Higher Education (1994-95) which demonstrated the value of sharing and developing experience in the area of quality assurance. The European Commission has, through grant support, financed the activities of ENQA since the very beginning.

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Achim Hopbach
​Achim Hopbach is currently serving his second mandate as the President of ENQA and has been occupying senior positions in organisations/bodies related to the field of reforms in higher education, especially QA for ten years. He is also the managing director of the German Accreditation Council (GAC) and mainly has contributed to the development of new QA procedures for Germany and the implementation of the European Standards and Guidelines into the German higher education system. Furthermore, Achim has been a part of the expert panel in external reviewing of several QA agencies and has broad experience in QA agency external reviewing. In addition, Achim has been involved closely in several international counselling projects for developing QA.
Maria Kelo
​Maria Kelo is currently serving as the Director of the Secretariat of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and has a wide range of experience related to higher education. Her tasks within ENQA include: management of the ENQA Secretariat, act as Secretary to the ENQA Board, support and coordinate ENQA member agencies, manage projects, and represent the Association. She has previously worked as Senior Officer for the  Academic Cooperation Association where was actively involved as an expert in Higher education policy developments and reforms at national and European level (Bologna, ET2010); higher education internationalisation and international cooperation; mobility; student services and attractiveness of Europe.
Zeynep Olcen
​Zeynep Olcen is currently working as Project Officer within the ENQA Secretariat and her main tasks include daily operational (including partnership) and financial management of the on-going ENQA EU projects, drafting project reports and proposals. She works directly with ENQA Director on EU projects and proposals. Zeynep has previous experience in LLP/Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation projects and has worked as “Researcher” for a consultancy company before being selected as “Blue Book” trainee  for the Comenius, ICT and Languages Unit of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) where she performed as trainee in charge of assisting the Project Manager with Comenius projects.