2nd and 3rd Pilot Exercises
The 2nd and 3rd Pilot Exercises were held in Jordan on 24 February 2015 in Tafila Technical University, and on Thursday 26 February at Princess Sumaya University of Technology (Amman).
The panel was composed by Prof. Cristiano Violani from Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), Tiia Tammaru from Tallin University of Technology (Estonia), Maria Kelo (ENQA, Belgium) and chaired by Zeineb Mazouz, University of Barcelona (Spain). On the Jordanian side, Prof. Mohammed Mismar, from Princess Sumaya University of Technology was part of the Tafila panel and Prof. Bashar Hammad for the PSUT panel. A set of different documents were prepared by the ANECA and were addressed, on one hand, to the panellists, and on another hand, to the attendees from both the Jordanian and Europena partners. A specific document was also sent to the students for them to be prepared for the piloting of the Guidelines. The pilot in Tafila gave the consortium the possibility to meet and interview the newly appointed Head of the Quality Assurance Bureau. The creation of a QA Bureau in Tafila is one of the conrete outcomes of the EQuAM project.
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